Javascript Interview Questions


JavaScript interview questions can be found everywhere. When an interviewer asks about this or that feature, it is your job to prepare a concise yet concise answer.

First of all, do not have too many JavaScript interview questions. This is usually the biggest mistake of any interviewer who wants to know more about you.

The proper number of JavaScript interview questions is probably one or two per question. When you know what they want to hear, you should limit yourself to that one question and deliver it in good form.

JavaScript interview questions should cover the basics of using and understanding the language. If you are having trouble writing a line of code, try not to answer the question for them.

I recommend preparing one or two answers to a basic JavaScript interview questions. These answers should answer the basic “what is” questions.

By now you should be prepared to answer the following questions. But of course, you should be prepared to learn and improve as well.

First of all, what is a function? You may know this, but you should also know how to use a function.

There are different ways of performing different operations on functions. That is why the question “what is a function?”

I recommend that you do not answer JavaScript interview questions that ask you to define any other language. You need to be familiar with the object-oriented model.

And as far as functional programming languages are concerned, you should know what a function does. But if you want to use function-styleprogramming, then it is much better to come up with your own.

Finally, JavaScript interview questions that ask you to show code will also probably ask you to explain your code. Do not answer this question by just putting your code somewhere.